Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where does my money go?

I don't know! It disappears! I've been meaning to keep better track of our day to day finances (grocery store, target, walmart, etc). I also want to minimize my trips to the store, especially the commissary. I made a list of things that are good deals at the commissary and my goal is to only go once a month to stock up on those things. We went today. I want to document how much I have spent this month so far.

Yesterday $21.25 at (milk, cream, eggs, tomatoes)

Today, at the commisary $196.67 (WOW!). I also spent about $10? at the exchange on some gardening supplies. OK, lets go back to the commissary amount, here is what I bought:

4 cans beans
4 boxes mac n cheese
2 lb pasta
2 pkgs peanut butter
2 jars salsa
dijon mustard
coconut milk
veg oil
canola oil non-stick spray
3- 6 packs applesauce
raisins, dried pineapple, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds (hulled)
8 lbs sugar ($2 for 4 lbs)
4 lbs light brown sugar
3 big tubes of oats (like $1.60 for 3 lbs)
coconut flakes
4-5lb bags whole wheat flour ($1.25 a bag, super deal!)
3-5lb bags bread flour (same deal)
3-5lb bags unbleach AP flour (same deal)
18 jars baby food (I should be making my own)
Baby puffs and yogurt melts
Provolone & meunster sliced cheese packages
4 lbs shredded cheese ($2.50 per lb)
real parmesan cheese
Brummel & Brown tub margarine (I need a better spreadable real butter)
2 pkgs Activia yogurt (for Luke, I'm making the rest)
4 lbs unsalted butter
cream cheese brick
strawberry cream cheese tub
3 packages frozen corn
6 Deli Creations (kind of expensive but easy for Luke to keep in his office for lunch, $2 each for a sub sandwich)
2 packages lunchmeat
2 pkgs tortillas
Earthgrain flatbreads (coupon made these really cheap)
3 pkgs easy ups (pampers pull ups $8.48 a pkg plus I had 3 $1.50 off coupons)
Produce: carrots, apples, bananas, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus
aluminum foil, glad press n seal wrap (way better than cling wrap)
1 pkg each quart/freezer/sandwich storage & freezer bags
Kitchen trash bags (20 ct)
12 double rolls toilet paper
Lysol wipes

Whew, I think I did buy a lot. It says I bought 117 items, so overall they were less than a dollar an item! And, total only $138.58 of that was food items.

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Opp Family said...

Carla, will the Commissary take coupons? I know those deli creations often have printable coupons online that would make it a bunch cheaper. Check out Southern Savers, she'll list a lot of the good deals for the week - I've saved hundreds off my food bill by shopping smarter. Also, I too love, love, love America's Test Kitchen Cookbook. It's also my go to cookbook and it's fabulous! ;)