Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm a blog bum! I'm finally going to post some pics of our Disney trip! The kids have been driving me crazy lately! I'm blaming it all on the trip to Disney World! I really didn't take that many pictures at Disney World. I'm going to say that we were just having a fun time enjoying everything, and didn't stress about getting the perfect picture everywhere!

Day 1: Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Carousel

After the Dumbo ride. I was too chicken to use my camera on the Dumbo ride (afraid it would fall and be gone forever!).
Before the Haunted Mansion. Lets just say that John was not nearly so happy during the ride! My tip for Disney goers, don't take your toddler on Snow White's Scary ride first thing!
Watching the parade!

Day 2 - Animal Kingdom
Ruthanne with Pocahontas

The kids with Safari Minnie Mouse (right before we saw the Lion King show)
Brushing the goats at the Conservation area.
With Rafiki.
Day 3 - Magic Kingdom again!

At the Tomorrowland Speedway. Ruthanne is "driving" because Luke couldn't fit behind the wheel! John is in there too (in the middle). I couldn't ride this one but got to take a picture by hanging out in the smoking area!

This was the day of characters. We happened on lines that weren't too long, so the kids got to meet some people! Sleeping Beauty.
Mickey & Minnie Mouse
This is on the Barnstormer roller coaster. Again, I couldn't ride. We sent Ruthanne in a seat by herself. She was not a fan. Hint, if you can't ride, make your spouse go multiple times with the young children!
After lunch this day, John had had it. He was tired and out of whack. So, he and I went off by ourselves and let Luke & Ruthanne do some more adventurous rides! We rode the train all the way around and just walked around. We had told them we would get ice cream, so I went ahead and got John his Mickey Mouse ice cream. He LOVED it, and pretty much ate it ALL! Ruthanne got some later, ate the ears off and was done, seriously what is wrong with her?
Buzz Lightyear.
It was a fun trip and I'm glad we decided to go ahead and go while the kids were still young and we didn't have a baby to worry about. If you are military, they have a really awesome deal this year, and you should definitely try to go (military employee gets a free 5 day pass and can get 5 additional 5 day passes for $99 each).

Hopefully I'll be blogging more, but who knows! I have lots of little projects I want to get done before we have this baby (who may have a name but we are still a little unsure).

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tomorrow we leave for Disney World!


We will drive down tomorrow (Wednesday), check into our hotel, then go to Downtown Disney to pick up our tickets and look around. Then we will head back to the hotel for an early night.

Thursday will be spent at Magic Kingdom, Friday at Animal Kingdom, and Saturday at Magic Kingdom again. I hope everyone behaves, we have lots of fun, and no one gets sick!

Day after Christmas

At the Wilson's house. Lots of cousins to play with.

Here was the big present opening! It was a little crazy!

Christmas Day

The Santa presents! Ruthanne was so excited she got Ruthie the American Girl. She kept telling everyone how "expensive" she was.
John's Santa gift, a wooden toolbox thing. They have fun playing Handy Manny with it!Opening some of the MANY presents!

Dressed nicely with Ruthie!
Just happy and glad to still have Puppy, from last Christmas!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

While I'm up...

And not exercising (because I can't breathe out of my nose at the moment!), I figured I would post some pictures (very old) from the computer. I promise (if we survive my ob/gyn appointment and Ruthanne's dentist appointment - that crazy tooth again!) that later today I will upload the software from the new camera and upload Christmas pictures from it later!

This is Halloween at the church's Trunk or Treat party. Minnie and Spiderman, what a combo!
Ruthanne changed her mind and became a princess on Halloween night though!
We turned John's bed into a toddler bed. He won't stay in it, especially when the kids go to bed together at night. Anyone have any suggestions for me? Right now, I've turned the bed toward the wall so he can't get out, but one day he will have to learn to stay in bed.
A trip to Brunswick, this is John at the playground on St. Simon's Island.
One afternoon at Mamom's (my grandmother's) house, she told me to go rest and her and the kids would swing. Well, this is what I walk out too. The kids spraying each other, Mamom, the plants with water! They had fun and it was a nice warm day even though it was November.
Ruthanne wanted to take pictures, here is her best one of the rest of us!
At the Air Force Museum, I think this is the Great Wall of China.
Ruthanne in some kind of fighter jet!
And the true joy of having a child that can read! I use it to my advantage sometimes!