Wednesday, September 8, 2010

$38 OOP for Wheat Grinder - Should I do it?

I'm tired of paying big bucks for white whole wheat flour. I've been saving up my Discover Card rewards money and have $125 in gift cards plus one more on the way, making $150 total. Oh, this is Bed Bath and Beyond money. So, if I order a Blendtec Kitchen Mill (its pretty highly rated next to the Nutrimill) at the store and use a 20% off coupon (and assume I have to pay to have it shipped to me since they probably don't have it in stock) then I would have to pay about $38 out of my own pocket. Should I go ahead and do it or wait another month (I could probably get another GC for $25 then)?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Taco Slop

Inspired by this recipe. My version:

Taco Slop

1 lb ground beef
1 zucchini diced small
1 can beans (pinto, black, whatever you fancy) rinsed
dried minced onions (or fresh onions)
16 ounce can tomato sauce
1 cup corn
bell pepper (diced small), a red one will go undetected
taco spice (to taste)

Brown ground beef and drain off fat. Add in bell pepper and onion and zucchini, cook until softened. Add in beans and corn and start with 1/2 can tomato sauce and the taco spice. Let it all warm up and add more tomato sauce as needed.

We all thought this was pretty awesome. The kids and Luke ate it in a soft tortilla shell with cheese and a little ranch. For the kids I fold up the bottom of their tortilla, roll the sides inward, secure the folds with a toothpick, and they eat pretty much drip free! I threw it on a bed of lettuce for a great taco salad. Its pretty much like a taco sloppy joe


I never did find that pesky camera cable.

HOWEVER, I did find something that worked just as well.  See Paul has this toy

I happened to see his computer cable sitting in the kitchen box and thought, that looks similar.  So, lo and behold, it worked!

So, here are a few pictures…

Playing at the park on St. Simons Island, man was it HOT!

IMG_1772 IMG_1767 IMG_1768

Paul got to spend extra time with Mamom & Aunt Kathy since the big kids went to the river.


I’m sure Paul is looking at a dog in this photo.  He loved them!


These pictures were from a while ago, Ruthanne with a watermelon from our garden (before the squash bugs ate it up).


John requested this photo be taken of him with Woody.  Poor John was sick at the time.


Well, I had a video to upload too, but youtube is being wonky, I’ll save it for later!  Want to go ahead and get this out in blog world.  Later today (hopefully), a new recipe, Taco Slop!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

If you were my camera cable...

Where would you be?

I was all set to update and now can't find my cable! I know I have seen it sitting around. That makes the second thing I've lost this week.

In other news, school is going well. Its going lots better than I expected. Will have to share some photos of our timeline, once I find the cable, of course.