Saturday, March 6, 2010

Recent Pics & What the kids have been up to

I haven’t posted pics of the kids in a while.  They’ve been busy playing and having fun, pretending mostly.  Ruthanne has been practicing her piano, but last week her piano teacher had to cancel lessons indefinitely as she hurt her back and is 7 months pregnant.  We were going to have a lull here after the baby anyways, but now its even more so.  Ruthanne is a trooper though, she has been teaching herself new songs out of her piano book anyways!

John is still just cute and a trouble maker.  We constantly can’t believe the things he says (not all bad, just cute!).  Last night I totally thought he was not listening to me as we read an Old Testament story so I asked him a question, which he answered, and the offered up even more info!  Smarty pants!

Paul is 10 months today!  My baby is getting so old!  He is cute even though he doesn’t sleep through the night!  He goes to he doctor Monday for his 9 month checkup, just a month late.  He can get up on all fours occasionally now, so maybe crawling is in his future!

On to the pics.  We went to visit my parents recently and took a trip over to St. Simons to play and then go to the lighthouse (I have never been and I have lived there my whole life).  It was fun and we checked out the museum and learned some new things.  We were not able to climb to the top because of construction though, we’ll have to try that next time!  But, here are some pics of the kids at the playground.




Here are some funny pictures of Paul.




And here are a couple videos of Paul talking (he grunts) and singing to Scout.

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