Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Late Christmas Gift

One present came a little late!


We picked John’s glasses up Monday.  He has  been so good with them.  He has an astigmatism just like Ruthanne (and me).   So, he gets glasses too.  He looks so much older yet so young, and smart! with them on! 

Scooter and Bike Videos

Ruthanne riding her scooter.  She gets better every day.


John on his new bike.  This is called a balance bike (his is a Mini Glider).  They help kids learn to balance before pedaling.  Since Ruthanne is 6.5 and not riding her bike without the training wheels, I thought this might be a better way to go.  John loves it!  Today he was picking up both feet and gliding around.  I bet he will be able to pedal a two wheeler before Ruthanne!  Oh, and you gotta listen to Ruthanne in this video.

Christmas Morning

Look at what Santa brought.



Paul with his puppy from his stocking.  Poor boy didn’t feel good on Christmas.


Standing with his cool walker toy.


In true baby fashion, the bows were the best part!


A very American Girl Christmas!  Only one new doll but some new outfits for Ruthie too!


Opening the Bat Cave (Batman toy).  He loves it!


John is especially grateful for all his new toys.  He keeps saying, I just love my new presents!  They have had a lot of fun, especially with the bike and scooter.  I’m uploading videos of them now!

Fun in Brunswick before Christmas

We went to Brunswick the week of Christmas to visit since we hadn’t been since this summer.  We stayed long enough to see Uncle Ken, Aunt Martha, and Hannah for a little while too.

Paul especially loved Aunt Kathy. 


And perhaps her crutches even more.  And, that is Uncle Ken doing what he does best there in the background.


Trouble.  Hannah and Ruthanne were a mess!  Ruthanne spent the night at Mamom’s with Hannah that night.  The next day when I went to get her she was hoarse from so much playing!  They also got very little sleep that night.


Paul’s first Christmas present.


“I always wanted one of these!” said John about his Spiderman sleeping bag.


“I hope its not clothes.” or something similar is what Ruthanne said when she saw the clothing box.  When she opened the box and saw there was a dress for her and a matching dress for her American Girl doll, she was happy about it and we almost couldn’t get the dress off of her after she tried it on.


This was just a crazy expression my camera caught on John’s face.  Crazy boy!


Christmas Eve Eve over, now onto Christmas Eve.  We made Rice Krispie treat Gingerbread houses with Hannah before leaving for home.  Uncle Ken’s camera has those pictures though.

Making Christmas Presents

I try to have the kids make something every year to give out at Christmas.  This year I painted these wooden Christmas trees and bought them sticky gems to put on as ornaments.  They enjoyed making them.  Here are a few pictures:


Why, yes, sticking your tongue out does help the gems stick!


Little Miss Perfect.


Oh, and this activity took about two times more gems than I planned for!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Things we learn when the Mills girls get together!

None of us are Mills any more (even though some of us never were, in last name anyways).

7 kids (6.5 and under, but 6 of them are three and under, yikes!) are hard to keep track of.

Dylan enjoys playing with Kara's "statues" so much he will hide away in the bathroom with John who is actually using the potty. We thought Dylan was upstairs, but nope!

Madeleine shares so well, even things like belly lint and used wipes!

Everyone wants a Ruthanne to alert them with the younger kids are into something they aren't supposed to be!

Owen is so cute and mellow.

Paul (7 months) wears a bigger size diaper than Cammie or Madeleine (his 1 year old and 2 year old cousins).

Kayleen is just like me, anal about raw meat safety! Poor Kara was being policed in her own kitchen even though she was following proper protocol!

Cammie is a cute little walker and very even tempered, despite the lack of sleep. Poor Mommy Cassidie though!

Krista is a cute preggo lady and we can't wait to add another kid to our total.

When you are having tons of fun, you forget to take pictures. I accidently left my camera at home and thought, surely between the bunch of us someone would take a picture, but nope!

Just sayin. The catch phrase of the day!

I can't remember the other funny moments we shared today, you girls will have to remind me. The kids are just hilarious! We really should get together more often, once a year just isn't enough! And we missed those who couldn't be there.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Seriously, a whole month gone?

And no blogging?  I'm in a rut I think.  I thought I had life tackled with three kids, apparently not!  Life has just seemed busy lately and with the holidays I don't really see an end in sight.

We finally put up the tree tonight.  Why didn’t I buy a bigger tree after Christmas last year?  I’ve always liked our little 3 ft tree.  It always seemed like it fit into our home just right.  Well, this year I got it out of the box and set it out and all of a sudden, we need a bigger tree.  I guess since we’ve doubled our square footage we should double our tree at least.  I’m afraid it will have to wait until after Christmas though, I can’t buy a tree knowing I can get one 1/2 price or less after Christmas.  Anyhow, a few pics from tonight:

Paul with the lights.


Ruthanne decorating the tree.


John decorating the tree with a fragilous (his word) ornament.


Naked baby last night.  He has gotten a little crazy with the tongue!


Big boy!


With Grandpa before bed.


Kids making oreo turkeys on Thanksgiving.  They didn’t quite turn out, my icing wasn’t thick enough.  The kids had fun eating them anyways!


Hunter especially loved the baby and always wanted to hold Paul, so sweet!



In preparation for Thanksgiving we made some placemats with corn rubbings.



This last picture is from almost a month ago soon after the new Walmart opened and the kids got free balloons.  Paul loved them!


I can’t believe Paul is already seven months old.  He is so big and is already into everything even though he can’t move much.  I’m definitely not ready for him to learn to crawl, nothing will be safe!  I’ve tried to get him on video saying ba ba ba, but not quite successful.  I don’t know what it means, but it is a sound he makes.  I don’t think the other kids made such a distinct sound this early, maybe he will be my early (or at least on time) talker!  He has a dr appointment Friday so we will see how he is growing.  I will also try to get Ruthanne on video playing a Christmas song soon, she loves the piano!