Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our First Navy Assignment...

We just found out tonight. It is somewhere very far away and very exotic. You will all be jealous! You want to know where it is? Wait for it...

Fort Gordon in Augusta, GA!

Now, you may be thinking, that is an army base. You would be right. There is some kind of navy communications thing there also. So, that is where we will be moving around the middle of August.

What's Up?

Not much here. No baby, obviously. Not too much excitement on that front. I guess I will almost definitely be having another May baby since there are only 9 more hours left in the day! There are lots of days coming up that the baby could come on. Luke's birthday is May 3, Mom & Dad's anniversary is May 6, Mother's Day is May 10 (this year), Mom's Birthday is May 18 (please don't let me get this far!). So, what day do you think this baby will be born on? Keep in mind my mother had both of us on Sundays and so far Ruthanne and John were both born on Sundays. Weird huh?

In other news, Luke is getting commissioned tomorrow so we are going to Atlanta for that. We are guessing he will likely leave on May 15 to drive to training in Rhode Island. So, please send lots of prayers that this baby comes SOON!

I took the kids to the Indian Mounds the other day and will have to post some pics once I get them off the camera.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strawberry Pickin'

I took the kids to Lane's Friday to pick strawberries. Some of you may remember last year John got stuck in the mud while we were strawberry picking. Well, not really stuck, but fairly covered with clay like mud. We rinsed him off there in a sink outside but he was a little traumatized. He would talk about it for months afterward. Well, when I mentioned the strawberry picking, he remembered the mud! He wanted me to carry him while we were there. I said no way! I guess the kids decided that they should wear their boots to stay away from the mud this year. No mud this time though.
Leaving with our loot!

The kids played on the playground for a while after the picking.

Easter Pictures

I finally downloaded my camera with pictures from Easter. My mom has more pictures on her camera (send me the good ones mom, well, really get dad to). We didn't take pictures Easter morning, I guess I forgot my parents had church at 9 and we wound up scrambling around that morning.

Ruthanne hunting Easter eggs. I don't know how she found any, this girl can't find something if it is touching her!
John finally got to hunt some eggs too.
Ruthanne and John with Aunt Kathy. She took time away from doing taxes to hang out with us!
Four generations of women. I can't believe I allowed a picture of me eight months pregnant, but there you go! Mamom was worried about her shoes, but I said don't worry no feet or ankles will be shown in this picture! My ankles were HUGE after our trip to Utah.
John enjoying looking at his basket goodies. And, if you ever want to make my kids happy, just give them $2 . I guess people generally give them checks and then I let the kids spend my money and I deposit theirs into our account, so to actually have some bills, although smaller than typical check amounts, was very fun. We still haven't spent them yet, just waiting for the Easter stuff to disappear first!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Going to Utah for a Quick Trip!

Anyone in Utah still read my blog? We are going to church headquarters there so that Luke and I can be set apart because he was accepted as a chaplain. We were barely able to squeeze it in before I was too pregnant (well, ok, maybe I'm too pregnant now, but I feel good about the trip). We leave on Thursday, April 9 and will come back on Saturday. Really the only time we will have to do something is late Friday afternoon/evening. Most of Friday will be spent at the church office building. So, if someone wants to hang out, give a shout out!

Oh, and say a little prayer that my parents will not let the kids drown down at the river! They agreed to watch the kids while we are gone, but the kids have to go where they are which is the river that weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Congratulations Luke!

He was accepted to the Navy to be a Navy chaplain. It seems he will be going for Training and Chaplain school on May 17th (unless something changes) and will be gone for 12 weeks. We are happy that he will finally get to do what he has been working towards!