Monday, March 8, 2010

Cookies, cookies, cookies

I've been on a cookie kick. Whenever it is time to make something sweet, I can only see cookies. We love Hu La La cookies so those get made fairly often, they are a chocolate chip cookie full of oats and coconut. But, I've been on the hunt for a really good chocolate chip cookie. browsing has not helped my obsession. Apparently lots of other bloggers have been on this search too. I made this one a while back and it was a nice soft cookie, but not as puffy as the photo ( oh, and I didn't add cinnamon). ATK has a recipe, but lately the buzz has been the New York Times chocolate chip cookie. The problem with this cookie, chilling the dough for at least 24 hours. I'm sorry, but when I make up a batch of chocolate chip cookies I have to have a cookie, right then!

So, while browsing on I found someone who said they mixed some new ATK recipe that called for brown butter with the NY Times cookie. I decided what the heck. Luke was gone this weekend so I whipped up the dough Friday night. Now, I cheated and made up one batch of cookies for me and the kids to eat and put the rest in the fridge like a good baker! Saturday night I pulled out the dough and baked up some more. After being in the fridge the dough was hard though! Also, its hard to tell when these cookies are done since the dough is dark from the brown butter. This batch was not so hot, I overcooked them. Oh, well. I decided to make the rest up Sunday night and these I carefully cooked so that they were not overdone. They were very good. BUT, the first batch right after I mixed up the dough was perfectly good to me too, so I'd probably just do that. Now, I just want to try out the original New York Times recipe (with just plain butter) and then maybe I can move on to some other dessert, or maybe none at all!

This picture is the cookies is from the batch made immediately after mixing. Looking back this look a lot lighter than the chilled dough cookies. These also look like they spread a little more but they were still thick enough for me.
This is what Paul did while I made the dough. Thank goodness for safe non-toys (a milk jug). If I had given him a real toy he would not have been entertained for nearly as long!


Jaime said...

Carla- you're killing my self-esteem here with all your domestic goddess-ness! My family seems to enjoy preservatives, so we're good for right now. ha ha ha! Love you guys! :)

Nicole said...

Perhaps I'm odd, but I have yet to find anything that tops the Nestle Toll House cookie recipe(not made with Nestle chips, of course, lol). It feels like everything else falls short.

The Wilsons said...

I don't remember having much success with the Toll House recipe (was too flat for me), but I haven't tried it since I moved past the days of margarine and self-rising flour as substitutes for other ingredients! I did find something interesting about that recipe though the other day:

Nicole said...

I'll have to try it with half the butter. I never use nuts. It's just the recipe I grew up on, so maybe that's why I like it so much.