Saturday, March 20, 2010

In desperate need of a breadmaker! or a tinkerer?

I am killing my kitchenaid with breadmaking! I only want a breadmaker to run the dough cycle, but with these whole wheat recipes, kneading for a long time seems to be key! So, do you have a breadmaker gathering dust and want to make me a deal? Or if you ever run into one on clearance somewhere, or at a garage sale, or thrift shop, I'm your girl! I'm really not sure how much longer the mixer will make it and I'm not sure if I should keep running it. Maybe I need to bust out my Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day cookbook and try out their sandwich bread recipe (since no kneading is required)? I did try an oatmeal maple recipe this weekend from there, but it definitely wasn't sandwich bread, a good breakfast bread though.

Also, if someone knows anyone who tinkers with small appliances, I have a dimension 2000 mixer from my mom (similar to a bosch) that doesn't work even though it hasn't been used much. So far, I have not found anyone who will touch it.

On a side note, we had fabulous hamburger buns (homemade, used the EZ Wheat recipe with 1.5 times the yeast for fluffier buns) and sloppy joes for dinner tonight and man, the homemade buns really made it! My sloppy joes are a little of this, dab or that, type recipe, but I could throw some kind of recipe together if needed.


Frances said...

I knead by hand which gets very time consuming and have been wondering if I should pick up a pricey! Maybe I won't since it would wear it out so much. I guess the old fashioned way isn't so bad.

The Wilsons said...

The problem I've found that with whole wheat a really long mixing time is what makes it so fluffy! I keep going back and forth bosch mixer (very pricey) or breadmaker and nutrimill (still pricey but could get both for the cost of the bosch) and really really want the nutrimill to start grinding my own wheat!