Friday, March 19, 2010

Shower Cream & Dinosaurs

John gets left out so much, but a couple things he has done has had me laughing like crazy. Some other unmentionable things have had me shaking my fists, but we just want to remember the good times, right?

Well, Sunday we had baked potatoes and I had out the fixins of course, butter and sour cream. John asked what the sour cream was, I said sour cream. He said shower cream. Ruthanne said no sour cream so John of course says oh, shower cream. One day he will get it right!

Yesterday I took John to the eye doctor to see if his glasses are working well for him and see if he is using his bad eye a little more (if not they were going to patch him occasionally). So, they have all these funny little black and white pictures (we aren't totally there on consistent letter recognition). The lady started out too small and then had to make them bigger and tell John what they all were. Well, after this she starts really testing him (he is really not getting them all right, because he still isn't seeing perfect) but she shows him the horse and he says it is a dinosaur. I burst out laughing, its probably not good to laugh at your kid at the eye doctor, right? Oh, well, good news is the doctor says he is seeing better, no patch needed, we just have to go back in another 3 months.

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Frances said...

What cute boy! I like shower cream better than sour cream anyway. :) Rosie calls Hop Scotch: Skip Scotch. I thought that was a better name too.