Saturday, February 21, 2009

MORE trunk pics!

Editing to say I bought a bunch more animals this morning. I'm still not sure if it will be enough to cover everything, but it gives me a little more variety. I also mixed back up the other shapes and I will resort when I get my latest shipment!

Last night I went and picked up a different blue to make the trunk itself darker, so I painted it (in the pics I had not painted the very bottom). Luke is in Atlanta so I had nothing to do anyways. I also got the rest of the wood pieces I ordered so far, so I started arranging them. It takes a LOT of wood pieces to fill up a chest, let me tell you (and its getting pricier than I imagined!)! I really only have enough to fill up the top and front. I'll show you what I have temporarily done with the sides and back.

The orange is actually growing on me more with the darker blue. I think with the trunk being a brighter blue it wasn't so hot, but now its ok. I should do John's name all one color though right? Sorry, there are going to be a lot of questions, apparently I need a lot of hand-holding for this project! And, shoot I just noticed the two T-Rex dinosaurs on the top. I'm trying not to duplicate on the same side, gotta find something else to fit there!
Do the things at the bottom look lame? I may buy a few new smaller animals to put down there instead.

Sides & Back:
Would it be lame if I didn't fill up the sides and back? I think I'm going to order a few different animals for these areas and maybe some more flying things, but would it look lame if its not totally filled up? Or should I just spend the money and get a bunch more animals?


Frances said...

I like the darker blue. I like the little do dads on the bottom. I think the sides should all coordinate. I think the filled up look is so cool so I would just continue with that. The sides with less stuff looks really neat as well (maybe a trunk idea for baby #3), I think the crowded look is just so unusual and interesting. Where are you getting these animal pieces? I may have to copy this idea.

Write2Change said...

You're so funny! It sounds like getting a bunch of animals to fit in a space is tough! If it makes you frustrated, then the little scenes are cute. If you're up to the challenge, though, having them all squished together looks pretty amazing.

Rosie and Derek said...

That trunk is going to look SO amazing!!
And the guy on the Snuggie commercial totally looks like a monk, I'm adding that to my blog post!