Monday, February 16, 2009

New Project

I saw Martha Stewart the other day (no, I don't sit around watching tv!) and happened to see her make this cute chest/trunk. Ruthanne has that fabulous trunk Frances made for her but John doesn't have anything. I figured I could do this. I bought a bunch of animal cutouts this morning and am going to Michaels today to get the chest (yay for a 50% off coupon!). This will be John's birthday present, but I better get going now, because I'm sure it won't get worked on in the month of May! I think I will paint the trunk navy blue and then do the animal shapes in solid colors of greens, blues, browns, etc. I'll try to update my progress, maybe that will keep me accountable!


gigi said...

I 'd love to see how it turns out, please keep us updated.

shaddygal said...

Looks cute. You better get started right away.

Write2Change said...

I didn't even know people sold animal cutouts. I bet fish or dinasaurs would be cool, too. I'll have to share this with my sister!