Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 3 - Better Still!

The trip out of the house went well. He didn't pee in his underwear. We ran to the post office and then drove over to Grandma's house. He successfully used Grandma's potty seat over there. He had a nap then I let him have a snack while still in a diaper (hoping he would go #2). He did in the diaper. Then he ran around naked and peed on the carpet a little. So, I had him go sit on the potty. He was there for a while and started going poop again! He freaked out and got off and told me. I had him sit back down and then we wiped and cheered! He got a hershey kiss and then put a bigger sticker on the potty chart! He was pretty excited. I know we still have a long way to go, but we have significantly reduced the amount of wet clothes, so that is good. It is hard to get him to stop doing something to go sit on the potty though!

The kids have to go with me to the ob/gyn today and I think I will definitely put some pull ups on John for that. I know he won't go without his potty seat(just the adapter for the big potty, we are not doing the little seat that you have to constantly clean with him) and I don't really want to carry that around!

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