Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

Can you believe it snowed today, in GEORGIA, and it stuck to the ground. It must have started snowing while we were in sacrament meeting at church. The kids were so excited that we all decided to let them go out for a few minutes before going to Sunday School. I mean, you know, we were all thinking there was no way it was going to keep snowing! But, it did and it started to stick. It is very slushy and wet, but snow nonetheless.

When we got back home there were a few areas around the apartments that had a good bit of snow so we took the kids out for a few minutes to make snow balls and a snowman. Check them out!

Ruthanne making a snowball.

John getting ready to throw the snowball Luke made for him.

Luke and Ruthanne making the snowman. Luke was making the bottom and Ruthanne was making the top.
See the finished snowman? Look closely!
Luke with the little snowman before it died a miserable death in the parking lot.

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