Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 1 - Not so hot!

We went through five pairs of underwear (and five pairs of pants). I did not make him sit on the potty much (and he didn't want to). He did pee a couple of times in the potty.

I tried to get him to run around naked today but he didn't like that much. We've already been through 1 pair of underwear and pants. I think I'm going to have him sit on the potty every hour today. Anyone have some good tried and true tips to share?



gigi said...

So sorry about your laundry problem. Hope today is better.
No helpful hints, every case is so different.

Frances said...

Rosie used the Potty Watch. I think it's available on Amazon. It doesn't get good reviews: cheaply made, etc. But it worked fine for us and we only used it for about two weeks. It was mostly helpful for me to just remind me when she needed to go and she loved having her own little toilet shaped watch. I would use it again for sure.