Friday, February 13, 2009

Dare I say we are close?

I better not! But, yesterday, no pee accidents! Today, so far so good! I have not reminded him to go potty constantly and he has kept his pants dry! We even went out to the park, were gone about 1.5 hours and no accidents!

I really wanted to give up that first day, but I'm glad we didn't! Now we will have to tackle the eventual pottying on a public potty, pooping, and eventually naps and bedtime.


The Pittman Family said...

We got Molly a folding potty seat to put on top on the toilet to use in public. We got it from babies r us. I can't tell you how well it worked because Molly has never used it. She's not potty trained yet.

The Wilsons said...

I've seen those, but John being a boy either needs to learn to lean way forward or to some how make sure the pee makes it into the potty and not onto me!

gigi said...

Continued good luck. Happy Valentine's Day!