Friday, May 21, 2010

My sweet boy...

That John, he can be trouble (remember the market on the legs?), but he can be super duper sweet too! The other night he was in lots of trouble. We found handprints on the bathroom wall, I thought it was just wet handprints and it would dry, nope lotion, supposedly he couldn't find a towel. I told him he should obviously ask for one! Then, in his room we noticed more marks on the wall, looked like water again, but no of course not, vaseline! He's been sick and we keep vaseline on the table with tissue so he can help protect his nose. I guess it was too much temptation. Oh, and these marks were not just let me wipe my finger off they were let me see what kind of design I can draw. I guess we will be spot painting the walls (tacky I know but that is what has been done in this rental so it won't be out of place!).

Anyhow, Luke was pretty upset and and was telling John that he might have to use his own money to fix the walls if he does something else. Well, little John gets a little teary sad and says that when he gets his money (for his birthday from Mimi & Poppa) he is going to get Ruthanne an American Girl doll. Who could be mad at that sweet boy?

(And just so you know, the kids don't even get enough birthday money to get something that expensive, they aren't that spoiled! And, Ruthanne has two American Girl dolls already so its not like she's deprived!)

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Jenee said...

Yes... Scott & I have decided to let our children decorate our home with their "art" on the walls.
Johnny sounds like a boy: 'sugar & spice'... :o)