Monday, May 24, 2010

Anyone have a snake hunting dog I can borrow?

About a month ago our yard guys noticed we had a couple of snake holes in the backyard near the wooded area. I freaked and stressed about it, wondered what to do, googled, you know the drill. I finally read enough stuff that I thought well I haven't seen one and it will likely stay in the wooded area and non-poisonous snakes are actually good, right? Thats what I kept telling myself. But, I'm going to the bathroom today and as I'm leaving the room I look out the window and see a bird flying low to the ground "playing" with something. Oh, wait, that something is a snake! It starts slithering up a tree slightly and then we lose sight of it.

Luke does go outside to investigate but doesn't see it. All I saw is that it looked dark but that it had some kind of lighter pattern (I think anyways). Oh, and it was slithering across the grass from the open area to the wooded area. Ahhh, not feeling so good about that. I'm constantly scanning the grass looking for it. And, we just ordered a swingset for the kids, and I don't even want to hang out in the yard any more! Tell me to be strong, or how to get rid of it! The county dept won't do anything unless you know where the snake is, they won't hunt for it.

Yuck, yuck, yuck! I DON'T LIKE SNAKES!

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Jenee said...

Oh, Carla!! -I can only imagine your stress. EEK...