Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday John!

John had a pretty good birthday I think.  It started off with a present.


I wonder what it could be?


His favorite cereal, of course!  So, he got to eat that for breakfast.

Then, company arrived, Aunt Kathy and Mamom (sorry Mamom, I didn’t get a picture with you in it, I guess you always had your camera over your face when I was using mine!).  Time was spent exploring the content of Aunt Kathy’s purse.


There were a few presents to be had, some letter factory videos,


a scooter (no more sneaking Ruthanne’s),


and a new piggy bank.


I finished John’s birthday treat (chocolate cupcakes, I decided brownie cupcakes, with chocolate icing) just in time!  I really like how it turned out.


About to make a wish…


One candle down, three more to go.


I can’t believe John is 4.  He seems to be getting older and growing up!  I guess he is officially a preschooler not a toddler anymore!  I love that boy and his silliness!   Life would surely be boring without John!

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Frances said...

Happy Birthday John!!!