Thursday, May 6, 2010

Handmade Birthdays

I think we are mainly going to do a handmade gift for the kids birthdays coming up and then get them a swingset for the backyard.  The contenders are this one and this one so if anyone has some suggestions, let me know! 

Anyhow, Paul is getting a self-binding blanket (tutorial from Tara) and a butterbean doll (pattern from bit of whimsy prims).  I got them all done today and they don’t look half bad!  I’m not sure I’ll do another blanket like this with minky because it doesn’t hold a crease but it was really easy and it is pretty cute!IMG_1587


Next is John’s doll, but thankfully I have until May 28!


Jaime said...

wow, what's so impressive to me is that Paul can bind himself up now. j/k- seriously, I'm such a loser. Paul's b/day somehow eluded me. Shut up, it has not been a year!? Whoa, time is flying isn't it?! Happy Birthday to Paul!

The Wilsons said...

Ummm, seriously, took me a while to figure out your funny! I will blame it on the early morning! Its miraculous that Paul doesn't need to be bound to sleep any more though!