Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Beach

We also went to the beach while we were in town. Everytime I go to the beach on St. Simons Island I wonder why people vacation there! I mean the atmosphere is nice but the sand and the water is crummy! Go find some nice blue water and white sandy beaches!

It was stormy almost all week, but we just decided we had to brave it and go. It was a little cool too that day. The kids had fun anyways getting all wet and sandy. John would run out to the water and then run back out repeatedly. Ruthanne had lots of fun building dribble sand castles. At the end we were 5 minutes too late getting to the car and got drenched a bit. We'll have to go again on a nice sunny day and maybe I will have better thoughts about the beach!

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shaddygal said...

Was that the best picture you had of me? It makes me look like I need to do some serious exercising and dieting. I agree that it is not the best beach in the world that's why we like to go to the river in Florida where the water looks drinkable. In spite of the weather problems, we had a good time.

Frances said...

Despite the clouds, it looks like a fun beach day.