Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Save Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's Point of View)

This is for those addicted to the Twilight Series. As most of you probably know, Midnight Sun was due to be out soon. Stephenie Meyer had put a chapter up on her website, but then the first half of the book was leaked onto the internet. Stephenie was really upset and has put completing the book on hold indefinitely. She has also gone ahead and put the piece that was leaked onto her website (www.stepheniemeyer.com).

My sister in law, Jaime, and her husband Matt have created a website to save Midnight Sun by showing Stephenie how many would love to have her finish the book. So, if you are a fan, please go visit http://www.savemidnightsun.com/. Thanks!


Jaime said...

Carla- you are so great! Thanks for doing this!! Love you!

gigi said...

Never got into these books, maybe one day? Thanks for your sweet note and continued prayers for us, we've needed them and felt them.