Monday, August 25, 2008

Sea Turtle Center

I wanted to do something somewhat educational while we were in town, so we went to see the new Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. It is pretty small and I am glad that there weren't any more people around, thank goodness school had started already. They give you a sea turtle journal after you pay and then you can go around this little room and put stamps (embossing) in your journal that eventually makes up a story about your turtle (you don't get to pick you story, its random). And, you can go see the sea turtles that they currently have there and hear about their medical problems and how they came to the center. All in all it was pretty fun, but probably only about an hours worth of fun for my 5 and 2 year olds!

Here they are before we went in.

This is in the hospital area where the keep the sea turtles.

Here they are looking at a little turtle, Cohen, that will have to live the rest of its life at the center being an example of his species (or so his information book said). He had been in a car accident and couldn't move his back legs very well.

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UtahGma&Gpa said...

Carla, I think the next time that I am in town, I will go visit the turtle exhibit. The turtle named "Cohen," well, my youngest grandson is named "Cohen." He was born April 20, 2008, at 3 lbs. 6 ozs.