Sunday, August 24, 2008

Catch Up

I know, I promised pictures! But, we have had a super crazy week. John came down with croup Sunday night and then Ruthanne got it. They were up at night most of the week and we were doing steamy showers to help them breath better. So, Mom wasn't sleeping well, I had Activity Days at church Tuesday night that I was in charge of, a primary lesson and sharing time for today, and we've been writing a Roadshow for a primary activity in September. Whew!

So, first, here are all the miscellaneous pictures.

This is before church on Sunday.

Posing with Mamom. I must have 15 shots of this pose. Its hard to get a picture that looks good of 3 of them at the same time!

My birthday cake! It was from Brusters and was really good! If you order a couple days or more ahead of time, you can pick your ice cream flavor. Its a cute cake too! Below the kids are eating cake.

If I remember correctly, Ruthanne was siting on Mimi's lap because John didn't want to love on Mimi; but, of course once Ruthanne was getting some attention John wanted in on it!

I don't like getting behind! I'm going to aim for a post a day until I get all up to date!

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Frances said...

Oooh, that cake looks tasty tasty!! I miss your kiddos.