Thursday, August 7, 2008


I've been absent as I've been catching back up with the Twilight Saga.

I read the first three books about a year ago and loved them. Fast forward to now, the fourth and final book has been released and I needed to re-read the first three so I could be back up to speed! So, since I didn't have access to the first 3, my mother-in-law bought them for me (well, plus the final 4th one - she even went out at midnight!) for an early birthday present. I've had them all in my possession since Saturday and I have made it through the first two and halfway through the third. I'm almost sad that I'm about to start the 4th one for the first time, then it will all be over! I don't want it to end! Maybe once I'm all done, I will blog a bit more frequently!


gigi said...

Come on over to my blog and comment for a chance to win a new book by Charles Martin. I'm celebrating my 200th post!

Melissa said...

Kara just got me hooked! I read the first book and will be reading the next two when she gets them back from her SIL. Dang! And they say they're written for kids?!?!?!?!?!?
How come we're so caught up?

Opp Family said...

I LOVED Breaking Dawn - I just got mine late Thursday and finished it Saturday morning! Now back to all the other things I've been neglecting! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Shauna said...

I knew you'd love these! They are terribly addicting. I haven't been able to start the fourth one so how is it? Let me know what you think.

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!