Thursday, August 7, 2008

You never know

I've been teaching primary at church since we moved back to Georgia, specifically the CTR 8 class, boys and girls. It was tough keeping their attention and teaching to a broad range of knowledge and abilities. I had a girl (lets call her Jane) who was difficult to get interested in the lesson, preferring to lay on the chairs than sit up and participate. Really it took some time and she gradually became more used to me and participated more in class, with some special assignments for her to do in class.

But, just when it was getting easier for me, the Primary Presidency decided that I should take over the Valiant 9 and 10 class and help with Activity Days (mid-week activities for the girls). I had one last lesson with my CTR 8 class (which went exceptionally well) and I was able to explain to them that I was going to be teaching a different class. The girls would get to be in my new class next year anyways and if they were 8 already, they participate in the Activity Days. I figured no big deal, they wouldn't miss me, I'm not that exceptional of a teacher.

But, two Sundays after my last lesson with them, Jane comes up to me as I am preparing to start my lesson with the new Primary class and asks why I can't be her teacher any more. I never would have thought that this girl would miss me and how often did I ponder not trying to reach out to her in some way during the lesson because it was too much work. Well, it is worth it, and even if we don't know if we have had an impact or helped in any way, Heavenly Father knows. We may never know in what ways we may touch those who cross our path, but I hope that I will strive harder to have a good influence and put forth the effort in whatever Heavenly Father has asked of me.

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gigi said...

Great post about teaching and you're right, you never know the ones you really touch.