Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ruthanne's Short Hair!

Well, when I was giving her a haircut today, it just got too short! I'm no good when it gets about shoulder length. I'm thinking that her hair is getting thicker and harder for me (an amateur hair cutter) to do well. So, we are going to the salon after John wakes up from his nap to get it fixed. Good thing is, she does look very cute and grown-up with the short hair, and so far she likes it. I was afraid she was going to take one look in the mirror and start crying because her long hair was gone! So, this will be her very first trip to have a professional cut her hair!

I'll try to add completed pictures later!


Sharon said...

You better quickly put up pictures. I can't wait to see her with shorter hair. I know MaMom will be excited. I'm surprised she didn't pitch a fit. She has always been so prissy with that long hair.

kathy said...

I want to see a picture, too. Mommom has wanted to cut her hair for ages--she says it will look thicker, so I can't wait to see it.
Maybe now she won't have it falling in her eyes all the time! I bet she'll like how easy it is to take care of (and you too!)
Aunt Kathy

gigi said...

Good luck and we need pictures for proof. So glad that you have joined the blogging world and it will be fun watching you little ones grow up from a distance. Thanks for checking my blog out and for commenting. I'll keep checking on you too.