Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ruthanne's Chest

Frances (Luke's sister) was in town recently and was nice enough to spend all of her free time after her girls went to bed painting a chest for Ruthanne. I bought the chest at Michaels and at first I thought I would paint it (maybe letting Ruthanne help), but then I remembered that Frances is an artist and was coming to town soon. So, I thought I would beg and plead for her to make the chest into one of her masterpiece's (check out the Bentley blog to the right for pictures of the dining table she made for her own family). Luckily for me (and the chest), Frances agreed!

Frances enlisted Ruthanne's help in coming up with ideas for the box, a princess, flowers, castle, the colors that would be used, etc. Ruthanne was watching Frances sketch on the box and saw her draw a bee, Ruthanne said I don't like bees, so Frances changed it to a butterfly! After Frances drew the design, she wood burned it (gives it good texture and dimension), painted the whole thing black, then painted in the colors, then varnished it. So, without further ado, the box!





Thanks Aunt Frances, I know Ruthanne will cherish the box forever!

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Frances said...

What a talented sister-in-law you have!!