Monday, July 21, 2008

Pioneer Day Celebration

So, we celebrated Pioneer Day Saturday at the church with a parade, pioneer games, and a chili cook-off! We ate chili outside in 90 degree heat! I guess the pioneers probably ate lots of soups and stews so I guess it was somewhat authentic! Here are the kids on the handcart getting ready for the parade.

The parking lot parade with some homemade wagons.

Here is the line-up before the three-legged race. Luckily Ruthanne was not injured during the race, nor did she injure her partner! Ruthanne wore the bonnet and apron I made when I went on a pioneer trek for youth conference while we lived in Utah.

They also had a stick pull and Ruthanne wanted so badly to participate. Here she is against a 9 year old girl!

Here is the pioneer/farmer/cowboy! We just borrowed a cowboy hat and bandana from Grandma and Grandpa and you have an instant pioneer outfit!

For the chili cook-off everyone wins a certificate for "The ______ Chili". I won the award for The Most Modern Chili (the awards were created by the local missionaries). I made Rachel Ray's Pumpkin Black Bean Soup (I called it chili, hey it had beans and some tomatoes in it, that makes up chili right?). It is really good, despite what you all may be thinking. I back off the cayenne and up the curry powder and cumin and add what seems like a lot of salt. Try it sometime, but maybe you should wait until it gets a little cooler out!


shaddygal said...

The Pioneer Day celebration looks like lots of fun. We sure owe those folks a lot of recognition for all the sacrifices they made so we can enjoy the fullness of the gospel.

gigi said...

Congratulations on your winning the Modern award. Your activity looked like a lot of fun.

Rosie&Derek said...

How fun, and great pictures! It's funny that outside of Utah people have Pioneer Day activities, we haven't had any for a long time (other than the parade).