Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ruthanne's Birthday!

Ruthanne had a birthday party while some of her cousins were in town. Here are Ruthanne, Lilian, and Rosie with Maga.

Here is Ruthanne in her new apron. John kept saying, "Cook ReRe". I swear she was more excited about it than the picture shows!

Looking at her new princess writing workbook. What little girl doesn't need to know how to write kiss? Oh, and do you see the painted chest in the background? Frances did that for Ruthanne, watch for a post with up close pictures.

And here she is on her new bike! We've had a few falls, even with the training wheels, but she is still willing to get back on!

And here is the best part, the Barbie cake!

All the cousins gathering around to get a closer look, and wanting to put their fingers in that frosting!

I wonder what she wished for?


Sharon said...

Cute kids! Looks like Ruthanne got lots of nice stuff. John was just interested in what she could cook him (typical male).

Frances said...

That was the funnest birthday party I've ever been too...honestly.That picture of Lilian looking at the cake turned out so cool. Did you adjust the colors?