Thursday, July 10, 2008

John's Birthday! (it was in May)

Here are some pictures from John's birthday. We had a little celebration while we were at the River with my parents on Memorial Day weekend. His cake was really a cookie bar thing with Happy Birthday John written on it terribly (darned aerosol icing).

Next was a little party on his actual birthday. This cake was almost just as bad. It was a jello cake with cool whip frosting. I tried writing on it with gel icing, but it bled into the cool whip and looked like bad tie dye. So, I scraped the cool whip off, put on a fresh coat and dug out the aerosol icing, but instead of trying to write I just made a 2 out of the star tip. Other pictures show John's train presents and John with one of his great-grandmothers.

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