Monday, April 12, 2010

Ruthanne is doing good!

She survived her second surgery in her almost seven years.  Today we went in to have her pda (patent ductus arteriosis) fixed.  It is a procedure done in the cath lab (no open heart surgery needed).  She was a trooper.  We had to get there at 6:30 am which meant she was up at 5:00 to have her bath (required) and had not eaten since about 9:00 the night before.

We arrive at the hospital, get checked in, and things are going smoothly, we’re chilling out.


Luke even manages to solves the sliding tile Sleeping Beauty puzzle that Mimi declared impossible and even I couldn’t fix.


But, we soon find out the people before us did indeed arrive (they couldn’t be reached to confirm) and had an 11 month old so they got to go first.  It took forever!  What was originally going to be a 7:30 procedure became 10:30, then I don’t even remember.  She did eventually go back for real at almost 2:00.  Poor baby, was so hungry, but she was a trooper!  Oh, but we did get some playing in with all that waiting, and got an iv (which they would have done while she was asleep, but they needed to keep her hydrated).


The iv walker thing was called a patient pal and Ruthanne did not like it being called that!  She was hilarious when they gave her versaid, right before we left for the procedure.  She thought her hand and iv were very interesting and kept saying “huh”.  She did good during the cath and by 5:30 was back in her own room and ready to eat!  She ate two grape popsicles, a bowl of red jello and some juice while laying down (she has to stay down until 11:00 tonight).  Luke is staying the night with her at the hospital and she will be coming home tomorrow around 10:00.  Here is proof of the grape and red food consumed:



Jaime said...

Holy Cow! I didn't even know! Glad everything went well. Tell Ruthanne we love her and are thinking of her.

Frances said...

Poor girl, love you Ruthanne!!

The Pittman Family said...

I hope she recovers well.

Jenee said...

Goodness... I am glad to know things went alright, and I hope for a swift recovery! *Hugs!*
(Ruthanne was such a sweet friend to Cameron in Primary, he still misses her.)

Nicole said...

I had no idea, either. Poor thing, but it really does look like she handled it well! If you need anything, please let me know!

Cassidie said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with ya'll. I am sure that was pretty scary to see your baby go through that. Love ya'll!

Winn Family said...

Okay---she's amazing! And I'm sooo glad that everything went well. I didn't even ask on Wednesday! I'm so lame (I was a bit distracted..turns out that was a lot of kids!) But seriously--she's awesome!