Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Photo

I don’t think we have taken a pic of us all together since Paul was born!  That’s so pathetic!  Since Luke’s parents were in town this weekend and I was bored and decided to iron EVERYONE’s clothes (not just Luke’s white shirt), I figured we should at least get a picture out of it.  Its not great mind you, we definitely should NOT have been facing the sun, but it is what it is!



Would someone please tell me I would be a lot happier with my pictures if I was running daily!  If only I got decent sleep at night, or maybe I need to start running at night instead of in the morning?  I guess the main thing is I just need TO DO IT!


Opp Family said...

I have started a 5K training program myself called C25K or couch to 5k. I've downloaded the app to my ipod and it does training in intervals - no more than 30 minutes a day. You can also see the info on their website, in case you were interested. I needed to get my own rear in gear!

Jenee said...

Actually... I thought you all looked great! -I saw a happy family, and that's the most important. :o)
(Is John wearing glasses??)