Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ruthanne's Birthday(s)

Well, Ruthanne decided she wanted two birthdays this year. She wanted to celebrate early before we left Brunswick, but of course still needed to celebrate on her actual birthday too!
So, here are pictures from her Brunswick birthday. Oh, and she kept trying to insist that she was already six, five days before her birthday!
Reading a card.

Look a Barbie!

A birthstone statue (per Ruthanne)
A new nightgown.
This is what John looked like during the whole event. He just wanted to get on with the party so he could eat cake!
Here is the cake!
And here is a little video of the song and Ruthanne blowing out the candles. My camera does pretty good video I think!

On her actual birthday at Grandma & Grandpa's house. More presents!

Tossing aside a gift to see what else is in the bag!

Blowing out the six candle on the cupcakes that she helped make and frost!

Ruthanne had a pretty good birthday and is excited to be six and now in the 1st grade!

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Rosie and Derek said...

Happy Birthday Ruthanne!!