Friday, July 3, 2009

Almost Forgot about Luke!

I almost forgot about these pictures! I went to visit Luke in Rhode Island for his graduation from Officer Development School. I took some pretty bad pictures during the graduation that I will share with you! They are so bad because of the huge windows behind Luke and the other graduates. One day I need to get one of those fancy schmancy expensive DSLR cameras.

So, the graduation was in the gym and I drove myself to the graduation. Luke did not tell me where he would be in the line so I just sat down and started looking at all the people dressed exactly the same. Luckily I eventually found him in the Where's Waldo of a military graduation. Will you be able to spot him in these pictures?

Here he is at the beginning of graduation.

Getting ready for the parade (marching around the gym).
After the parade.
Repeating the oath.
After the graduation there was a cool thing where they received their first salute from their Senior Chief, but my pictures were very very terrible of that, sorry Luke!
Here is Luke with some other graduates and the Senior Chief.
Luke with the Senior Chief.
Luke and Paul.

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Frances said...

Luke looks so handsome!