Thursday, July 23, 2009


We’ll get to that part later.

First here is Paul talking to his monkey.


Remember this pic?  Paul was just a few days old here.


Here is Paul with the monkey today.  And, yes, it is the same monkey!  Paul is about 2.5 months old.


Now is where the annoyed part comes in.  Ruthanne and John come in to see what is going on.  You know, I can only disappear for about 5 minutes before someone starts wondering what I could be doing!  They start loving on Paul and giving him all of his playthings while I’m changing his crib sheet.  At first it was fun, see here:


But in this next picture Paul is giving me a “what are you letting them do to me” face!


Sorry Paul, your older siblings love you too much!

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Cynthia said...

haha i think the monkey is shrinking! i love having all of these tall nieces and nephews. i wonder if any will be taller than me....