Wednesday, July 1, 2009

John the Troublemaker!

It seems like John was just looking to make trouble/make big messes while we were in Brunswick.

First, we were finally able to go outside one afternoon and swing at Mamom's house. The kids of course water everything with the water hose and then John starts playing in the dirt. This dirt is so fine, its like charcoal gray powdered sugar! Here is the end result:

This is how he got that way!
The next day John decided to play with Ruthanne's sandbox (its small, a My Little Sandbox for inside play). He is not allowed and got sand all over the floor. I scooped it all together and made him scoop it up into a cup so I could put it back in the sandbox. I think he thought this was fun and not really a punishment.
I've got some more picture of Paul that I will hopefully get up tomorrow!

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