Thursday, October 2, 2008

What did the Tooth Fairy Bring?

Well, I was going out to Wal-mart the night the tooth came out. Luke was getting the kids ready for bed as I was leaving. Ruthanne asked me if I was going to get her something for losing her tooth. I said, no, the tooth fairy brings something. Ruthanne said, well, thats just money. So, I decided I had a couple of little princess dress up toys stowed away in the closet I had gotten for cheap (like this, but smaller, and WAY cheaper!).

The tooth fairy also left a note saying that this was a special gift for the first tooth and that all other teeth would get money. And how much money will the tooth fairy be giving out per tooth? Probably a dollar. Ruthanne was very happy about the toy and has been playing with it constantly. Too bad new toys lose their charm after a few days around here! Anyhow, yesterday Ruthanne reminds me that we have a Belle toy just like this. Shoot (I had bribed her with one of these princess toys when she got her 5 year old shots, more than 6 months ago)! I told her that yeah, we'll just have to give that one to someone else! Maybe I'll pretend I sent it to Lilian! I never thought she'd remember I had those toys!

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gigi said...

Don't you know that kids NEVER forget!