Friday, October 24, 2008

Pumpkin Painting

Well, the kids painted their pumpkins, Monday night actually. I just got the pictures uploaded. They really had fun. John was intent on covering as much of the pumpkins surface as possible. Ruthanne wanted me to draw her a girly pumpkin face that she then painted, with green and yellow freckles even! Here are the pictures.

I think they could have looked a little more excited about painting pumpkins, don't you?
Ruthanne dips into the paint!John takes a look at his work!Must cover all the orange pumpkin!The finished product. Well, almost, she added silver eyelashes after the picture was taken.John is very proud of his creation!


Rosie and Derek said...

What cute pumpkins, they did a great job!!

And yes, they don't look too excited to be painting pumpkings, I'm sure it was just the "my mom is making me look at the camera again" expression on their faces. My kids get that look quite frequently...

Melissa said...

The lack of enthusiasm in the first picture is soooo cute! That's really funnier than if they'd been all "smiles!"
Looking forward to seeing y'all Monday. It'll be fun!

kathy said...

Heck, Carla, the reason they look that way in the first picture is because you probably had just threatened their lives if they touched the paint before you said they could! That was torture seeing that paint right there and not being able to touch it!