Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Poor Ruthanne

I'm not sure if you can tell but her left cheek is swollen. She had been complaining of her mouth hurting for a little while and we kind of ignored it, thinking it was just her molars or something. Well, today she woke up with this swollen cheek so we decided it was time to take her back to the dentist. She had just had some fillings done in the past couple of weeks and we thought maybe it was related. Yep, she has an abscessed tooth. The decay had gone down to the nerve and they didn't notice it when doing the filling. So, now she has to take antibiotics and then have a pulpotomy (or something) to clean out the nerves and then put a filling on top of that. Ugh. That happens in a couple of weeks. Luckily she should be feeling better within a day or two of the antibiotics. The unlucky thing is I had them call it in to Walmart and it was not ready even two hours later, so I will be picking it up in the morning. Grrr Walmart pharmacy!

On other news John just keeps on talking up a storm. Lately he is all about the baseball. Luke and John have been watching some playoff games and John really likes it. He started asking when we could buy him a baseball bat. Luke told him sometime. Well, after that every time John woke up he would ask me if I had bought him a baseball bat. Luke decided to take the kids out to buy a baseball bat while I was at church Tuesday night. Before they left John wanted to make sure that Dad had money so that he could buy it. I guess he thinks Mom is the only one who knows how to spend money! They bought a (you will never guess!) Spiderman bat and ball. He loves it! Of course now he just asks me when I will buy him football pants and football shoes. Give it up already boy!


Opp Family said...

How sad for Ruthanne! I can totally relate about Walmart pharmacy - we had a similar incident on Saturday - terrible customer no-service.

shaddygal said...

Poor Ruthanne. What kind of a dentist are you using? Is this something they should have caught? I'm glad you've got a boy boy. I need a picture of him with the Spiderman baseball bat. Tell Ruthanne I feel for her. I know what it feels like to have a hurt in your mouth.