Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Patch, Hayride, and Animal Farm

We went to a farm today that had a pumpkin patch, hayride, and animals. It was pretty fun for the kids, and I was thinking cool, I'll get some good fall pictures. Yeah, not so much. Kara, you seriously have your work cut out for you next week!

I thought this chicken was funny and I call it the poodle chicken.

This was a somewhat nice shot of some of the horses they had there.

Here is a picture of the kids on the hayride. Unfortunately John wasn't looking during this one.

And then, this one, Ruthanne is wiping her eyes. The sun and I think the hay were making her eyes squint and water a bunch. She could not look in the sun.

This dog was HUGE. He/she was so tame and did not jump (good thing because he was already as tall as John). John just loved him, a dog that doesn't jump/lick is right up his alley!

Ruthanne picked out her pumpkin.

Ruthanne and John both with their pumpkins. I tried really hard to get a good picture here, but Ruthanne's eyes were seriously bothering her. I think she needs prescription sunglasses, and the ability to keep glasses on her nose!

In other news, tonight Luke changed into his BYU shirt that says COUGARS on it. John was looking at his shirt and said my hat has that letter on it and pointed to the G. The hat he was talking about is a white one with a red G for Glynn Academy (NOT UGA!). I thought that was pretty impressive. He did not know the letter name but to recognize it as being the same was pretty smart. He also likes his clothing to match now, especially if he has on his orange shorts.

Ruthanne is still reading away and today she wrote a story about a princess. She is excited about painting her pumpkin and wants to enter the pumpkin contest at the library. I need to go buy a craft pumpkin for that. Maybe there will be some pumpkin decorating pictures soon!

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Opp Family said...

Awww, I can't wait to get my hands on the little munchkins! And really, what would have been so wrong with your hat being a UGA hat - hmmm?