Monday, September 29, 2008

One Tooth Gone!

In quite dramatic fashion, per Ruthanne's usual!

We sat down to dinner (corndogs, I know, real fancy). The prayer had been said and then Ruthanne takes her first bite and starts freaking out! She's saying her tooth is on her tongue. I guess it was kind of laying there? It was also bleeding a little. She was not happy, just wouldn't swallow, drink. I was telling Luke to just pull it out (it was really just hanging by a thread and by the time they get to that point, you might as well just pull it!). Well, she didn't want anyone to pull it either and was afraid that it would hurt. So eventually amid all the drama, Luke is looking at it and decides that it isn't attached anymore and just fishes it out of her mouth. I immediately shout Yay the tooth fairy gets to come! That gets her a little calmer, but we still have to calm her down and make her drink some water.

I then had to cut up her corndog for her to eat, I guess she thought it would be too weird to eat missing a tooth. When going to bed, she was so excited for the tooth fairy to come I had to tell her that the tooth fairy would only come if she is asleep. Gosh, it feels like Christmas! Here is a picture of her new smile.


Kayleen, Isaac, & Dylan said...

How funny! I can't believe how grown up Ruthanne is. It is hard to believe that she is already loosing her baby teeth. I love her new smile!

gigi said...

Oh what drama! Isn't it fun? I just love it when they start missing their teeth. Cute grin.

Frances said...

Well, that is tramatic! Her smile is still lovely.

kathy said...

How much is the tooth fairy popping for these days? She only gave a quarter when I was a kid--of course, you could buy twenty five pieces of candy with that!

I'm sure she is very proud of herself!

Rosie and Derek said...

Is this the first one? That's always so exciting!

I love her grin with the missing tooth, so cute!