Thursday, March 15, 2012

Potty training day 4 - mid-day

So, gave Paul gobs to drink this morning. He kept holding it, finally peed on the potty some. Then peed tons more in his pants a few minutes later, then a little more in the potty, then a little more on the floor. That all probably took place over 15 minute time period. Everytime he puts on clothes he pees. So now he is naked. He doesn't like that much (and honestly I don't really like it either!). He asked can I put on pants and I said nope we aren't putting on pants. His face lit up and he said hopefully "a diaper?" Nope, sorry bud, you may be stubborn, but I'm gonna try to wear you down! He is going to take a nap soon and I plan on putting a cloth diaper on him. Glad I held onto some prefolds and covers! We'll see what he likes better, peeing on the potty or wearing cloth diapers!

Editing to add: Well, he liked putting on the cloth diaper. He said I like it! Lame! Lazy boy!


Emily said...

I gave Jackson and Molly treats every time he peed and I set a timer so every time it went off he knew he had to pee and I set a timer while he was on the potty(2-5 minutes I think) so that way he didn't get tired of sitting on the potty. He still hates to pee in public, but can hold it forever luckily.

Emily said...

And I also had to bribe both of my children with a "big" toy item. I took Jackson to the store and showed him the soccer and baseball sets he could get if he got completely potty trained. That helps with stubborness.