Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paul Potty Training Day 1

Its over, thank goodness (though Day 2 is likely to start any moment now)! I went back and looked at john's potty training notes on the blog and I think Paul doubled the amount of wet clothes John had on day 1. I'm surprised cause I didn't think Paul peed that often. We did have three poops on the potty today and after John's poop phobia, I'll take that and call it a success! So, I'm looking forward to a couple more days of total wetness and then hoping it gets better! I'm so glad I have Ruthanne and John to keep Paul entertained on the potty! Although at times, Paul wants them to go (three people in the toilet room is a little tight).


Frances said...

Okay, so tell me your plan because I'm not being terribly successful here with Daphne.

The Wilsons said...

My "plan" is spur of the moment decide to potty train this week, find the underwear, and make Paul wear it! We've also been sitting on the potty lots, but obviously peeing in clothes. He will occasionally let out a little tinkle in the potty but I don't think he is letting it all out. Perhaps he has a pee in the potty phobia instead of the poop in the potty phobia! I'm hoping the pee phobia will be easier to get over!