Saturday, October 17, 2009

Catch Up

I thought I would get caught up on my pictures.  I will go from most recent to older. 

Last night Luke went to his first ball (I stayed home with the kids).  He said the invocation of the ceremony.  Doesn’t he look handsome with his dress blues, bow tie, and mini metals?


Pictures of the kids from yesterday.  Paul can sit up a bit, unfortunately he doesn’t get to practice much with all the hardwood all over the main living areas.


Paul with the monkey again.  Man, that monkey is shrinking!


Pictures of our projects over the past couple of days.  We have been stuck inside with all the rain, so we found some things to do.  We made sugar cube pyramids since we learned about the Egyptians and pyramids this week.  I also stole an idea from Emily and bought a spooky gingerbread house.  We made this Thursday and sometime Friday morning Ruthanne noticed there were some candy corns missing (they are missing off the roof in the pic).  Guess who was the culprit?  JOHN!  Guess I will be buying some candy corn today to replace them!


Luke made me take a pic of his dinner Thursday night, we had breakfast, eggs, grits, and corned beef hash (something Luke likes). 


This was a picture of the kids helping me make flatbread pizzas Monday night.  We made pizzas out of leftovers.  Ruthanne had macaroni and cheese pizza, John had pepperoni pizza, and Luke & I had sloppy joe pizza. Oh, and this picture shows our new kitchen table.  We bought it off craigslist, it is from germany.  I thought it was ikea furniture from the picture, but this is way bigger and sturdier than that.  We love it and can now more comfortably sit at a table together, even Paul!


This is from a week and a half ago.  The kids camped out under the table to color and sticker.


The next few pictures are some I took while we were in Salt Lake City during conference.  During the Saturday morning session Paul and I walked about and it was pretty quiet outside.  I got a few pictures of some things I liked.


IMG_1058 IMG_1056

These next two are probably from 2-3 weeks ago.  Just pictures from around the house.



Whew, I think that about did it!  I need to stay caught up, this takes forever!  Oh, and I also updated my recipe blog with a few recipes from recent meals.


Opp Family said...

How sad you didn't get to make it to the ball! So I got the doll patterns, but my sewing machine is BROKEN!!! I have to wait until I make it back home to get it fixed because the closest repair center here is 5 hours away!!! Your kids are sooooo super cute, maybe we could have a holiday cousins get together when I get home, what do you think? Miss you!

The Pittman Family said...

We also have candy corn missing from our house. Yours looks cute. Jackson has that same onesie as Paul does in the last picture. Probably the same size too.

The Wilsons said...

Kara, we should get together, just make me do the drive. Paul is a little better in the car now so maybe it won't be too bad. When do you get back?

Emily, I love that onesie, it is the best out of that bunch. Its a 12 month size. I think Paul is slowing down, he's been wearing the same size for a couple months now I think, a record!

Opp Family said...

I get back hopefully in a couple of weeks (fingers crossed). Wouldn't be fun if we could do Christmas crafts and make yummy treats? I can't wait to see little (or big) Paul too!

The Pittman Family said...

Never mind they aren't the same size. Jackson is in 9 month onesies and he has been wearing them for a long time. A lot of them are fading. Maybe one day Jackson will grow.

Rosie and Derek said...

Oh the kids are getting SO big!!! Hope things are going well.
LOL about the missing candy corn-- that would totally happen at our house and it would probably be Julia. :)

kathy said...

I think there is a mouse in your house--I do not believe that John would eat candy corn off of the house! Was there any incriminating evidence? And Luke does look very nice in his uniform~