Saturday, May 30, 2009

John's Birthday Party

Later that day, we had John's birthday party. Mimi, Mamom, Grandma, Grandpa, and Maga all came over for the festivities. John was so excited when Maga came over with a present, he started hopping and I don't think he stopped all night!

Here is John with all his presents. I finally finished the chest this week (I had to do the polyurethane). When Grandma & Grandpa walked in with it, Maga said oh, did Frances do that? So, I'm glad my work looked of the professional artist quality! She obviously didn't look close enough to see all the mistakes! This morning when John woke up he came into the living room and said I love my presents! He has also told me several times that he loves his cedar chest!
Ruthanne helped John read his cards.
John blew out the 3 on his cupcake.
What a fun birthday!


kathy said...

John's trunk turned out great! Looks like he had a fabulous birthday--ya'll need to come meet Melba and Tiffany!

shaddygal said...

We certainly enjoyed spending some time with the kids. It is so refreshing to see the excitement on their faces. The chest looks really cute--I was just as impressed as Maga.

Rosie and Derek said...

His chest turned out so great, good job!

Frances said...

The trunk does look amazing. I would love to claim credit!!! Happy Birthday JOHN!!!