Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yay for John!

If you all remember, back in the potty training diaries, John got pee-trained. We have been struggling with poop. Luckily he never pooped in underwear but would ask for a diaper when he needed to go. So, we've been in Brunswick for the past week or so and yesterday we spent the day over at Mamom's house. John came and asked me for a diaper because he needed to go. I decided to say I didn't have any (I did in the car). So, he willingly sat on the potty the first time but couldn't go. Then a little while later the urge hit again and we went and sat on the potty again, but John said it "went away." So, then a little bit later he was about to pee in his pants so I sat him on the potty again. Unfortunately he had peed his pants, so I took the pants to the kitchen to put them in a bag and left him on the potty. I came back to John pooping in the potty! He was soooo proud! He SAYS he can poop in the potty from now on, but we will see!

I did not take pictures of his first accomplishment, unlike Kate Gosselin (of Jon & Kate + 8 fame) who takes pictures of her kids with their first poop in the potty!

And, Jaime, don't give up on Mr. Hunter! I remember the first two days of potty training seemed impossible, but it passed. I will be sending you a potty watch when we get back home and I make it to the post office!

I do have lots of other pictures to share. I will get on that soon!

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