Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Ruthanne is very into holding Paul at the moment. And, Paul seems to tolerate it all right. She is able to support him somewhat and make him feel comfortable (Paul does not like John to hold him though and cries every time, thus John doesn't want to hold Paul any more). Yesterday afternoon Ruthanne asked to hold Paul and then the next thing I know she had also picked up a book and was reading. She said I want to hold Paul and I want to read! She is learning the fine ability needed as a mother to multitask!

John also wanted his picture taken (not with Paul though!). So, he picked up his new shoe box (thanks Grandma!) and said take my picture!

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gigi said...

That is just to sweet that she wants to hold him and read to him too. I can't believe how long Ruthanne's legs look in that picture.