Friday, September 26, 2008

Sick Day!

We're having a sick day here. Well, John is anyways. He just lays around and has been running around a 101 degree fever so far. No other symptoms, but I'm still waiting so I can figure out what we are all going to get! Here are the kids vegging out on the couch watching the Incredibles, John's choice.

John started feeling better, or maybe just got inspired by the movie, and decided he needed to put on his new Spiderman costume I bought him for Halloween. Spiderman is his new thing. Bye bye Elmo, hello superheroes! Ruthanne joined in with her Cinderella costume.


gigi said...

Look at John's smile! He is one happy super hero! Pretty Cinderella too.

Frances said...

I love the costumes. Ruthanne is so tall!!!!