Sunday, May 13, 2012

Really Cute Stuff

Since I haven’t really posted anything cute for awhile, I thought I would put up some of the cute/fun photos we have taken for the past while.

A ward primary temple trip was our April activity.  A temple worker took the kids on a tour outside the temple and talked to them about some things (what, I’m not exactly sure cause I stayed and followed Paul around while Ruthanne and John kept up with the main group).

 IMG_0751 IMG_0774

They were taking photos of families outside the temple, but I just wanted a quiet moment with the kids (and Luke was inside the temple, so a complete family photo it would not be anyways), so we walked around to the other side and I snapped the above photo of the three.  While we were doing this, I ran into my cousin Kimberly!  Small world!

We also took a boat down the Augusta Canal with our homeschool group.  Here is one side of the boat looking for the turtles (and then the turtles they were looking at). 



A trip to Brunswick the week before Easter.  Our trip was extended so Ruthanne could spend time with her BFF (cousin) Hannah.  Hannah was the only one enthused with my marbled egg dying kit.  Oh, well, I can say we dyed eggs at least!

IMG_0685 IMG_0686 IMG_0687 IMG_0678 IMG_0679

Our trip to Jekyll Island where the lady talked me out of the history tour on the trolley with the kids.  We played on the huge oaks instead.  Well, I clicked the wrong button, so to see these click the image below.

A trip to Brunswick is never complete without a trip to Barbara Jeans (or so I think anyways!).  And, a trip to the pier which is extremely nerve-wracking even with the additional fencing.  Thankfully we didn’t lose anyone!

IMG_0626   IMG_0592 IMG_0601 IMG_0612

A trip to the park with Mimi which ended when a bunch of high school students invaded.  And, yes, Mom, this is as good as it got!


Ok, so I think that got me through the photos already on the computer, but now I’ve downloaded more recent photos (including Paul’s birthday) so will start a new post about that!

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