Sunday, February 12, 2012

Taking the week off...

from school only. Things have been hectic here and I feel the need to go through the house and pare down and organize and clean (once I can see more surfaces). Maybe once I get rid of half the contents I can keep to less clutter? Ha ha. Goodness, I'm making myself seem like a hoarder (I promise I'm not!).

Hope to let the kids do some art projects, play outside (though not with the neighbors, they are grounded from that this week), and read some books, oh, and help me get rid of stuff! Maybe we will shop for John some new glasses? Get done a few projects I have been wanting to get around too?

Normally when we take a week off from school its to go somewhere, like Mimi & Poppa's house (not Grandma & Grandpa's this time of year, Grandma's too busy with taxes). I'd really like to run away, but running away won't help. Hoping more peace and comfort to many friends having a rough go of it right now.

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Frances said...

I always feel better after a good throw away/cleaning binge. Hope it helps!